Stinky the Angel and Devil

by Stinky
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stinky angel Stinky the Angel and Devil

Has there ever been a moment in your life where you needed to stop and make a choice. But before the decision is made, you weigh the options, process complex arithmetic and compare the pros with the cons. And once your mind decides what is the most logical and correct course of action, you go and do the total opposite. That’s the way things are and I am sure there is someone out there that can provide reason for our madness.

It’s like those old and memorable cartoons where an angel and devil would appear standing upon the characters shoulders – the perpetual argument between doing what is right and what is wrong. So that’s probably the best way to introduce to you the dilemma Stinky encountered however, the angel looked awfully like himself and the devil looked too cute to be mean. But nonetheless they both fulfilled their roles well, and this is something Stinky appreciated.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you need to make a difficult decision. The two options you have are simple when analysed from face value. The implications and consequences once the choice is made is immense. And I say immense because it is the only word that I know that begins in an ‘i’ and ends in ‘mmense’.Stinky was walking along a path – not your usual path though – it was more like a thoroughfare but not quite or like a tunnel or… OK he was walking on a path. Many things caught his eye as he strolled along but there was one thing in particular that seemed to have its own glow. This was because it was a box filled with gold. And as you sit there and wonder how the box of gold got there in the first place, I will preempt your question by saying that it is perfectly normal for random things of intrigue to appear. Well… maybe this occurrence only happens in the world Stinky lives in but the fact of the matter is, this is not the crucial element of the story so please hang on.And as Stinky stood there motionless, staring at this rare treasure there were only two questions repeating themselves in his mind. Take the treasure? Or not?Simple right? No, there is nothing simplistic about this equation.There was a twinkle in his eye and out of nowhere (this is another example of spontaneous appearances) an angel appears.’Whoa!!!’ Stinky shouted, dramatically taking a few steps back. ‘What in the heavens?’

‘You mean home?’ replied the angel.


‘You said heaven’


‘Nevermind. You might be wondering what I’m doing here. I’m you. Wait. Correction! I am the good you and I am here to tell you not to take the gold because it doesn’t belong to you. Think of the poor person that lost it and how they would be worrying’

!#!#POOOF!#!#. Warning: random appearance approaching.

It was as though a ninja smoke screen was cast, and as the smoke floated away a devil appeared. Stinky stood there without as much as a blink.

‘Hey! How come I don’t get the same reaction as goody-two-shoes over there?’ complained the devil with equal amounts of anger and disappointment.


‘That’s better’


‘Nevermind. You might be wondering what I’m doing here. I’m you. Wait! Correction! I’m the cool you and I’m here to tell you that your life would be so much better with the gold. Think of all the places we could go and all the new things we could see. Take it!’

A nudge from behind and both the angel and devil disappeared. Someone had walked into him as he stood there watching over the gold like an eagle would watch its prey. Unsure what to do, he thought about the things the angel and devil had said to him. Both of them had valid arguments and presented their cases satisfactorily. So the question remained – take it or not? He thought and thought and thought and wondered why he always drifted to picturing sweet smelling pumpkin pie.

Stinky looked down and naturally a mobile phone appeared in his hands. After much thought, he dialed for the police and told them about the gold. They soon arrived, thanked Stinky and had promised him that they would find the rightful owner of the gold.

So what made Stinky do what he did? Was it because of the angel? Was it in spite to the devil? It was neither. Stinky eventually followed his heart and sometimes, your hearts message is greater and stronger than anything anyone else can say to you. There’s a lesson we can learn here. I’m sure of it.

What will Stinky be doing next? We’ll keep you posted!

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