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    about us sketch final 253x300 About UsFrom humble beginnings…

    stinkythepig was created in a garage much like your own. We did not have any fancy computers, nor did we possess any skill in digitally designing a character that was essentially cute. We had a table, a pen, an Australian 20 cent coin and a scrap book. So with all of these, Stinky was born.

    What did we think about Stinky when he was created? Ever fall before? It was love at first sight. Who would have thought something so simple could invoke so many childhood memories and feelings of joy and fulfillment.

    So who are the people behind the stinkythepig concept? The number of employees have doubled since creation. So now, there are two of us. One – a father who loves his children very much. The other – always hopeful and always optimistic.

    We hope that we are able to share with you the joy we experience each time we see Stinky and his many costumes. So from humble beginnings to always being humble – we write this message to you from Stinky’s birthplace.

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