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    A misguided story of confusion

    by Stinky
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    In a world where flying donkeys and speedy sloths roam, a world where things out of the ordinary seemed more familiar than a hot bread shop on a street corner – a wormhole appeared that dropped a round package and closed up immediately after. It rolled and it struggled for reasons unbeknownst to many yet it did not alarm anyone or anything because the peculiar reigned supreme and what you may deem ordinary did not exist. It stretched for life and upon its mission of uncurling and unfolding; there appeared Stinky as bright and joyous as ever. Talk about your grand entrances.

    ‘I can’t believe I made it’ said Stinky.

    Stinky had been researching the theory of warped time, dimensions within dimensions and the exploration of realms within realms. What does this all mean? Well, it means that we may need to do some more research ourselves. Needless to say, Stinky was cleaver enough to figure something out and eventually made it to this old (because it most probably already existed) but new (because no one has ever seen it) place. There’s a lesson for you kids out there – STUDY HARD! Sorry for straying, let’s get back to the story. He pulled out a little notebook (because smartphones make us less smart) and started reading through some of his notes and double checking his calculations.

    ‘I think I know where I went wrong. I accidentally put an O instead of a 0’ (Side note for context: Stinky calls an 0 just like he would call an O)

    A man walked by casually carrying his head in his hands all the while balancing his shopping bags on his shoulders. There was no reason to be alarmed because if the man on the other side of the road was walking with his arms and juggling his head with his feet, then it would be perfectly alright for Stinky to assume that this guy was as normal as can be. Stinky stood there trying to act as inconspicuous as possible yet still managed to catch the attention of this passerby.

    ‘So what brings you here’ asked the head that was cradled to a chest (Stinky assumed the body that was carrying the head did not steal it).

    ‘Well long story short, I’m not meant to be here. I accidentally put an O instead of an 0… well basically I used the wrong O… I mean 0’ replied Stinky.


    ‘You got it!’


    ‘I get it now’


    They stood there eye to eye (this was only made possible because the head was not where it normally is in the normal world). Both a little confused but Stinky was overwhelmed that this stranger knew his exact dilemma. The man rolled his eyes (using his hands to move his head in a circular ‘don’t you doubt me punk’ motion) and walked away mumbling to himself. Stinky waved the man goodbye and started amending the formula on his notepad.

    ‘So if I erase this O and replace it with an 0, and then change this O to an 0…’


    Stinky was instantaneously transported back into the real world. He was glad to be back. He put his notepad back into his pocket and went back home to perfect the formula to travel to the place he wanted. In the meantime, he was happy to be back in a place where pigs casually walked around on the street, talking to strangers about life, pigs having notepads and pockets and the best thing that ever existed was good old pumpkin pie.

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  • Oct

    Stinky the Angel and Devil

    by Stinky
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    stinky angel Stinky the Angel and Devil

    Has there ever been a moment in your life where you needed to stop and make a choice. But before the decision is made, you weigh the options, process complex arithmetic and compare the pros with the cons. And once your mind decides what is the most logical and correct course of action, you go and do the total opposite. That’s the way things are and I am sure there is someone out there that can provide reason for our madness.

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