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  • Jan

    The Prequel

    by Stinky
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    Stinky The Pig Farm 1024x788 The Prequel

    Stinky The Pig – The Prequel (Farm)

    Long before the farm was thriving, in a time where pitchforks and shovels did the job of machinery. Long before there was a barn full of animals, in a time where pumpkin pie was not cooling by the window – mainly because there were no pumpkins! Long before animals were given names simply because… well… why would you give animals names? Sorry! Let’s get back to the story.

    Along came a little pig who looked as average as any little pig could. But little did we know that little pigs often possess large dreams – the types of dreams that tend to come true. So the owners of the farm built this pig a home large enough to fit many, many, many things. He would run around to play and wait for his meal. He would look up and oink every time they brought fresh water or food.

    As time went on, he met new animals. First came some chickens, then some sheep, a horse and a mouse who, unbeknownst to him, would become one of his best friends. One night in the barn, all of the animals were making their usual sounds. The horse was nayying, the sheep were baaing the chickens bokbokking and the mouse was… just being a mouse. He climbed the haystacks inside the barn, cleared his throat and said in the manliest voice he could must, ‘Why don’t we just talk to each other?’


    Everything in the barn had stopped moving as though time had frozen. They all stood there looking at one another not sure what the next appropriate step would be. The mouse started making his way over to the pig, swiftly moving his little feet to reach the top of the bale. He looked out over the crowd and smiled.

    ‘HE’S ONE OF US!’

    The barn erupted in cheer and laughter. This was the start of what would become a tale of adventure that was second to none. And as some would say, the rest was history.

    StinkyThePig colour me in The Prequel Colour Me In – Click on the picture to print out and colour Stinky’s Adventure


    Colour Me In Farm 1024x788 The Prequel

    Colour Me In – The Prequel (Farm)

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  • Dec

    Stinky Saved Christmas

    by Stinky
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    Stinky The Pig Stinky Saved Christmas 1024x788 Stinky Saved Christmas

    Stinky Saved Christmas


    Stinky hopped off the carriage that had taken him all the way to the North Pole. When his feet hit the ground he could feel the soft snow melt beneath his feet. He had come to visit Santa because almost everyone in the world wanted to see him at least once in their life. He knocked gently on the door and hoped that Santa would come and open it for him. After a long time waiting, he knocked again with no answer. He pushed against the door and it opened. He could hear someone in the corner sniffling and sneezing. As he walked closer he could see an old man with white hair wearing his pajamas and drinking hot tea.

    ‘Santa? Is that you?’

    ‘Honey? Why are you so round?’

    ‘No Santa.  My name is Stinky and I wanted to come and visit you before you leave to deliver your presents’

    ‘What day is it? I’m so cold’

    ‘Santa! It’s Christmas eve. How will you ever get better in time?’

    ‘Christmas… ahh… ahhh ahhh choooo. Christmas eve? Oh no. Stinky! You have to help me. There should be a Santa suit in the corner. I think you will be able to wear it. I’m getting really sleepy and I don’t think I can stay awake any longer. You have to save Christmas!’

    And with those words, Santa dozed off into a very deep sleep. Stinky stood there in shock because he did not know what to do. He walked over to the corner where the spare Santa suit was and tried it on. Surprisingly it fit very well. He put on the hat and walked outside. As he opened the door he saw a magical sleigh and the famous reindeers.

    Stinky made his way to the sleigh and jumped into the seat.

    ‘Well it’s all up to me. Let’s make this Christmas one to remember!’

    He pulled on the reins and with a cheerful voice said guided the reindeer to begin his mission of delivering toys to the world.

    StinkyThePig colour me in Stinky Saved Christmas Colour Me In – Click on the picture to print out and colour Stinky’s Adventure

    Stinky The Pig Stinky Saved Christmas Colour Me In 1024x788 Stinky Saved Christmas


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