Stinky the Snorkeller

by Stinky
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Stinky stood there, watching the ripples in the water. Oh how he loved the water. It has always been a wish of his to see the ocean.

‘Why you looking into the water bucket Stinky?’ Cheesy asked

‘Yeah what are you looking at Stinky?’ echoed Ugg.

That was how Stinky used to spend some days. He would stand and dream of the day he would be able to see the ocean. And now, right before his very eyes, was a miracle of Mother Nature in all its glory.

‘I could stay here and watch the water all day long’ he thought to himself. Watching the water and gazing into the distant horizon was one thing. What he really wanted was to get amongst it all. He wanted to get his trotters wet!

Stinky crested the hill and made his way down toward the sand, trying to choose from the many water activities he could do. There were so many things that he could try, and an equal amount of thing that may prove too difficult for someone as vertically challenged as Stinky. H
e decided to let spontaneity make the choice for him.

As he walked along the sand, fine particles between his toes, he came across a store with a sign that read ‘Rentals’. Sparking his curiosity, Stinky walked in and disappeared for a few ticks on the clock. A short time later, he emerged from the store looking as he had never looked before. He was different. He was focussed. He was ready.

The ocean was his destination – flippers and a snorkel at the ready. Whilst walking to the water’s edge he could taste the salt in the air, the incoming waves making splashes right in front of him. The chill of the water made his tail perk up a little, the cold water an unexpected yet nice surprise.

Stinky waddled into the water. With each step, his heart began to beat a little faster.

‘Dreams do come true’ he whispered to himself – eyes almost teary from this self-proclamation.

He reached the point where he could no longer walk. Stinky dove. His splash matched the random ferocity of the ocean. And off he went, in search of everything he had never laid eyes upon. He scanned the ocean floor and could see fish and turtles and… LIFE! It was wondrous. The view above and elbow the water line was equally majestic to Stinky. So he continued to swim, explore and soak in the beautifully cool water.

As the sun was beginning to set, Stinky made it back to shore. He got out of the water and stood there gazing out toward the setting sun. Goggles in one hand, snorkel in the other. He was thinking about all the things he had experienced today – the water, the marine life, his blessings. He was thankful for everything and everyone who had helped him along the journey so far. He was thankful for his friends and thankful for having more than he could have ever wished for.

It was time to leave. He turned and walked toward the rental store to return his gear. Emerging from the store, a thought came to mind…

‘Where to next?’

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