A Mother’s Love

by Stinky
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A Mother’s love


A mother’s love is hard to compare. Many people make the mistake of trying to remember all of the times our mothers were there for us. And no matter how many things you can think of, there would be a myriad others that never crossed your mind. We remember experiences but we will never understand the sacrifice. Those tears shed behind closed doors, the struggles, the responsibility, the love.


I come from a family where it is very difficult for my parents to show love. They would melt and turn all gooey when they play with their grandchildren. But when it comes to their grown up kids, it almost seems like it is all business and no pleasure. Nonetheless, I always try to remind my siblings that our parents are not your typical TV parents. They sacrifice without saying a word. They provide without showing the struggle. They make sure their children grow up as disciplined human beings. Most importantly they show love in their own unique way.


And just a friendly reminder – please don’t always wait for special occasions to show you care. Someone once taught me you should always show love to those who deserve it every single day. We may forget at times but always strive to be your best. So with a grateful heart I would like to wish my mother (and all mothers) a very happy Mother’s Day.

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