I am OK!

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I am ok 450x133 I am OK!


I am ok!


Some of you may be wondering when the last time something was posted on this site. And some of you may also be wondering what happened to me? And some may be wondering whether Stinky has gone on holidays. And some… well… will continue wondering because wondering is free and wondering is fun and wondering is something that the most successful people in this world constantly do. Dreamers are the ones that turn the ‘this is not good enough’ into something that ‘can be improved’ which in then turns into success.


I’d like to apologise once again for my mysterious and sudden disappearance. This time though has not been because of sickness. It is almost completely opposite. I have been investing a lot of my time trying to get fit. Why you ask? Well fitness has always been very important to me however, there have been times where I would let myself go and lead a life that most would deem unhealthy. The difference this time is that I have surrounded myself with likeminded people who also want to invest in their fitness. We train most days and push ourselves each time to achieve a level of fitness we did not possess the day prior. It has been a rewarding journey so far; not because of my own progress, but it is the progress of the group that inspires me to keep on going. I encourage each and every one of you to challenge yourself to include fitness into your lifestyle. You won’t regret it!


I promise to get back to providing you guys with something to read. This long silence won’t happen anymore. There are some exciting things coming up too. We will keep you informed as it comes along. In the meantime, stay healthy and positive!




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