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    A Quick Update from the Stinky the Pig Team

    by Stinky
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    Hi Everyone

    We just wanted to give you guys a quick update in regards to some of the goals we listed earlier on. So we have started designing and prototyping our new line of plush toys. Just like we promised, you’ll be able to take home with you your very own Stinky the Pig plush in 4 variations. We’ll keep it a little hush for now in relation to which versions we will have available – just to keep you in a little suspense. We’re very excited to see the finished product.

    On another note, Stinky will soon be travelling to Malaysia. He will soak in the warm Asian weather, and also see some of the picturesque scenery the country has to offer. We will tell you all about the trip when he returns. There are times where I start to wonder how Stinky can travel so much. I mean, he has been to more places than me!

    Before I finish up, I was trawling through our web page and some of the stories really brought back some fond memories. Having read it a while after writing it, it really did put a smile (even a little giggle) on my face. Here’s one that I particularly like:

    stinky angel 450x198 A Quick Update from the Stinky the Pig Team stinky devil 450x198 A Quick Update from the Stinky the Pig Team

    Have a read through this story and all the others as well. And just as a reminder, there is also our 4Kids section. It might save all you mummies and daddies out there some time by keeping the kids occupied.

    That’s it for now. We’re excited with what is happening. We will be able to show some progress very very soon. Until then, please take care of yourselves.

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