Stinky’s First Christmas

by Stinky
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stinky santa Stinkys First Christmas


The team at stinkythepig would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope that wherever you are, or wherever you are planning to go, that your lives are filled with happiness and the spirit of giving. There are just over a handful of days till the completion of this year. Have you reflected on the year that was and made any realisations? Whatever your endeavours are, we faithfully believe that each and every individual in this world has something positive to offer – whether it is to your loved ones or with the whole world. Remember our philosophy of helping the world realise its own potential – one smile at a time.

Take care of your body and spirit. Wishing you happiness that extends beyond yonder.

The team at stinkythepig

It was a week before Christmas and the snow was falling… well it was in some other part of the world. Christmas time down under was always sweltering hot. It’s not unusual to see plants bow lifelessly and grass turning a shy yellow colour. It seemed as though the breeze had taken a holiday and humidity was the substitute teacher. But put all these things aside, Christmas time was special.

Everyone had their own interpretation of special though. For some, it would mean a gift from a store while others would be overjoyed by a long-awaited phone call from an old friend. There would be some that purchase presents for themselves and some that are homeless who would shed tears when given a warm meal. But regardless of what it is that makes Christmas special for you, the spirit of giving is more prevalent compared the rest of the year. It is humanity in its rawest state – the way it should always be.

And although some of us have grown up to realise that Santa and Rudolph and the Elves are fictional, we still wish that they were real. Sometimes I wonder when it is that we start to lose faith in these things that make us happy and begin to grow up. But the ironic thing about all of this is that when we start to have kids of our own, we tell them these fictional stories and the cycle goes on and on. So it’s as if we know it is false, but hold on to it because it was one moment in time where all that you remember is just plain happy. So even if the truth in the stories we tell are stretched beyond yonder, there’s one constant that never changes – and that is happiness.

So when we picture our beloved Christmas characters, what do we picture? Obviously Santa Clause has red clothes and a white beard. Oh! And how could we forget about the bright, shiny, red nose that Rudolph has. These things will never change no matter which country you grew up in or which cultural background you are from. I am pretty sure I remember Santa speaking Chinese at one stage in my life and that did not change the way we pictured him – caring, loving and sharing.


What was that?

HO HO HO Merry Christmas!

Ok well that was weird. I just looked out the window and saw some funny looking pig dressed up as Santa. People would do anything to get attention nowadays! He looked somewhat comical and rounder than the Santa that I remembered as a kid. But he did have a cloudy white beard and carried a sack full of toys and for some funny reason a Christmas tree magically followed him around.  I think I might have to lie down. I must be seeing things.

So let us continue. Rudolph! With your nose so bright, won’t you be my shining light? I’m pretty sure I got it wrong but wasn’t that the reason why Rudolph was created in the first place. Rudolph comes in all shapes and sizes, and keep in mind that he doesn’t always have a red nose! He’s the friend, brother, parent, colleague or stranger that helps you out when you need it most. They are there when you need someone to lean on so that when you walk, you don’t fall. But sometimes falling is not as bad as you think, because regardless of who you are, there is always one ‘Rudolph’ in your life that will pick you up. Eye opening right? Sometimes the things that are most vivid in our memories are the things that we see with our hearts rather than our eyes.

Errrmm, I just saw the same pig walk past again. But this time he was dressed up as Rudolph. The weather must be doing weird things to my imagination. Pretty cute I must admit though. He even had antlers! I think I need some rest.


Stinky was strolling through the streets in a friendly neighbourhood. He noticed a person typing busily on his laptop. He looked his way and gave him a quick smile before he continued on. It was quite funny when he noticed the man touching his forehead to check if he was hallucinating. He must not see pigs very often. Today was awfully hot, and the Santa Claus costume he purchased made Niagara Falls look like a gentle stream compared to his natural flow of sweat. But Christmas time was all about getting into the Christmas spirit, so a little discomfort was worth it.

There was however, something that was bothering him. He felt as though he was being followed by someone. But Stinky didn’t know anyone in this neighbourhood so he was perplexed as to who it may be. He thought he saw a chubby reindeer, but every time he turned around there was no one to be seen – weird to say the least. It was time to get going and onto his next adventure. He hoped that if there were someone following him that he could come out so he could make new friends. He also hoped that the man typing away on his computer didn’t get too much of a shock.

‘Where to next I wonder’ Stinky thought. ‘Maybe the North Pole!’

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