Would you do the same if it were you?

by Stinky
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So I’m a self-confessed YouTube-aholic. I watch it more than I do the television. It’s on-demand TV to the taken to that next level. Some of the things you come across can at times make you laugh till your pants fall off, cringe till gooseprickles cover your entire body, scare you to your wits end, inspire, motivate, invoke sad and make you smile. So it is always refreshing to come across a clip that touches your heart and makes you think about all the things you ‘could have’ done and what the outcome may have been if you had. I’ll stop here for a moment and just let you watch this short 3 minute clip.

So what did you guys think? One of the things that really got to me the most was the judgment of your good deeds by others. At times people will look down upon you for helping people who they deem not worthy. And yes, in some cases you may not even know what your good deed would lead to – but it is a chance you take. On one hand they may never change yet on the other, miracles can happen. The part that really got to me the most was when he stood there looking at the little girl in school uniform – it nearly brought me to tears. Let’s forego our fear of judgment from others and just learn to do what feels right. One small deed after another is what makes all the difference.

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