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As the title may suggest, holidays are over. Firstly, let us apologise for being absent. We hope that you have all been well. We wanted to write and let you know about some exciting things that are coming this year. Sometimes ideas and goals get left by the wayside when you dont put pen to paper and make them clear. So we thought we would share them with you so that we can remember them, and that you can hold us accountable.

Here goes:

1. Stinky the Pig plush toys were sold out. These will be back and expect some other variations too

2. We will publish our first childrens book called The Adventures of Stinky the Pig

3. We will post more regularly on our website

4. We will publish our first adaptation of Stinky the Pig in Chinese!

5. We will release a smartphone game

6. We will have a set of Stinky the Pig inspired emoticons

I know some of the goals listed may seem a little farfetched, but somehow things just seem to work when you put your mind and effort into it. So heres to a fantastic 2015. We will make our dreams for Stinky the Pig come true ­ will you make your dreams come true too?

Stay tuned and take care.


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