Looking for Kevin Bacon!

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Looking for Kevin Bacon!

Hey guys. So we have some bad news for you today. It has come to our attention that one of our friends is in trouble! A resident pig named Kevin Bacon at The Grounds of Alexandria has been pig-napped from their premise. This is a serious matter and we would like to get the word out there so that those evil souls who think this is some kind of silly prank fess up! Their beloved Bradley, a pet lamb, was also taken!

Sometimes pets aren’t just pets because eventually become like family. Although they may look a little different, that does not discount the affection shared between the carer and the recipient. The staff from The Grounds summed it up best when they said:

“We at The Grounds take family very seriously, and unfortunately last night two of our family members were taken from us. Kevin and Bradley are loved by all of The Grounds team and we find it unbelievable that people would take him from us”.

Please have a read of the news article here:


And follow The Grounds on their Facebook for more updates on the whereabouts of Kevin Bacon:


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Photo credit: from The Grounds of Alexandria Facebook page (as mentioned above)

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