Happy birthday stinkythepig!

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Hello everyone. Can you actually believe that one year has passed since we launched It almost feels as though we clicked a button and blinked our eyes and all of a sudden we are one year ahead and ever so grateful for the opportunity to be writing to you. Many things have happened over the course of one year – some we are super proud of and others that provided invaluable lessons to learn from. So let’s talk about some of the milestones during our journey and reflect upon some of them.

First off the rank was the arrival of our stinkythepig branded t-shirts that featured some of the more popular illustrations of our beloved pig. Although the t-shirts received a lukewarm reception, we promise we will update them in the near future and offer you a more updated and gobbsmackingly awesome range.

Next, and probably our most celebrated, are our stinkythepig plush toys. Even to this day our plump and soft stinkythepig finds new homes. We truly hope that they make you as happy as they make us proud. To be brutally honest, we thought that having our own plush toy was too far fetched to even fathom. But this is a great example of dreams coming true and hard work paying off. We received so many compliments that we donated a few to a charity:water fund raising event. We also have 10 that we will be donating to a children’s hospital for Christmas this year. We can’t wait to write about it when it happens.

We have our HOPE frames as well. I’m going to be a little bias here and say that it still touches my heart each time I look through the magnifying glass and read the side note. It is such a simple concept yet it has a powerful meaning. I still stop and think each time I see the frame I have in my room. Have a read of our post if you have not already done so. That’s all for the physical offerings but we will make sure we let you know when something new is arriving!

We’ve posted stories and articles and writings about this that and the other so that you all could immerse yourself in content that was enjoyable to read. Looking back it is hard to believe we had written so much. We like to think that there is a smidgen of something useful in our posts that help you, even in the slightest, to laugh that little bit louder. We have had over 10, 000 visitors and hope that as we grow, our fans grow too.

We look forward to another year of excitement and more tantalising tales of Stinky. More importantly, we wish you joy and sunshine and roses aplenty. Here’s to another exciting year to come. Take care all!

Happy 1st Birthday Stinkythepig 450x306 Happy birthday stinkythepig!

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