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by Stinky
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So I thought the first post in the New Year should be about something that would be meaningful to us and plenty of others. I know most people would make silly resolutions and whatnot during the festive season. Many times this would be some form of commitment to exercise and how they would like to make a change. They might possibly look back at some of their more pleasing photos and say to themselves that that is what they want to look like… again. But more often than not this phase slowly turns sour and people start to let go. Mind you, this usually happens pretty quickly into the New Year and many people get to December again and ask themselves where they went wrong. I hope you don’t look at us and think we are being negative. What we offer is a better perspective into what fitness is all about.


What is fitness really about? Is it slogging it out at the gym every single day whilst counting every single calorie that goes into your mouth? Is it about going out with friends and only insisting on eating a light salad while everyone else devours foods that make the insides of your mouth turn to waterworks. What about when you look at someone eating fast food and their figure is still excellent – you would curse them silently and wish all sorts of cellulite-inflicting nastiness on them. Well these options may not last a very long time. What we have realised is that fitness should be part of your lifestyle. There’s the keyword. How do you incorporate fitness into your lifestyle so that you don’t just aim for a silly goal of losing 5 kilos, but actually commit to something that could possible last the rest of your life? Everyone is different so we won’t sit here and dictate how you should plan this. But what we want to say is make sure what you plan is realistic and meaningful to you. Try not to do things just because your peers are doing it. Try and make it about you! Sit down and have a good think about what you want to strive for and keep moving the yardstick each time you get close to it so that you are always reaching for something better. We are trying our best to do it so why don’t you try and let us know how you go!


If you managed to check out our site prior to Christmas last year, you would have noticed that Stinky also got a makeover. What do you think of his new look? We’re not saying that the original Stinky will go – he is the original and we will continue to love him. But change is good for the purposes of variety. We hope you embrace it as much as we have over here. Check in from time to time to see what new things we have for you! Bye for now.

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