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    Stinky’s Animated Logo – You don’t always get what you want… but you can keep trying

    by Stinky
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    To say we are excited is an understatement. Have you ever watched something numerous times and each time you see it, you’re still filled with glee? Well that’s what happened when we saw the final product of Stinky’s Animated Logo. Our aim was to make it short with some oomph and a little humour. Watch it and tell us how many times you clicked repeat and what you thought of it!

    Just a little description on what is happening in the video. Stinky flies into the room and sees his favourite pumpkin pie cooling on a window sill. He thinks of ways to get to the pie and comes up with an idea. He moves out of the screen and soon after wheels in a helium tank. He inflates himself to the point where he floats up to the pie. But little did he know, he inflated himself a little too much so he then bursts into hundreds of little Stinky’s to then form our logo.

    The theme behind the short animated logo was one of persistence. We tend to put things off because we deem them too hard to attain or achieve. But the secret behind success is not an instantaneous one. We need to try and try again. Should we fall a little short, just keep going. Things only seem out of reach if you set yourself that limitation. Reach for the stars because you never know how close they really are. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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